Sunday, December 31, 2006

About Anonymouser

Anonymouser is a Firefox plugin that allows you to surf anonymously to links easily.

This plugin is great for surfing to sites that you don't want to have your personal information, or for people that are not in "free" countries to access parts of the web they normally might not be able to (such as blogs).

After you install the plugin you will notice two new menu items when you right click a link:
Open with Anonymouser
Open with Anonymouser in New Tab
(Please Note: These two new menu items will only show up if the link starts with "http://", it does not work with ftp/https/ect. type links to prevent bandwidth abuse and unsecure transfers)

The first one will open the link in the current window, the second will open a new tab.

This plugin doesn't anonymize anything, it instead uses (visit the site to see how it works).

In the future I may make it so you can change the site that is used... but I'm pretty busy and it works now so...

(Side note: Rapidshare tutorial removed, it seems they've wised up to proxy downloads, sucks for us!)

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