Sunday, December 31, 2006

About Anonymouser

Anonymouser is a Firefox plugin that allows you to surf anonymously to links easily.

This plugin is great for surfing to sites that you don't want to have your personal information, or for people that are not in "free" countries to access parts of the web they normally might not be able to (such as blogs).

After you install the plugin you will notice two new menu items when you right click a link:
Open with Anonymouser
Open with Anonymouser in New Tab
(Please Note: These two new menu items will only show up if the link starts with "http://", it does not work with ftp/https/ect. type links to prevent bandwidth abuse and unsecure transfers)

The first one will open the link in the current window, the second will open a new tab.

This plugin doesn't anonymize anything, it instead uses (visit the site to see how it works).

In the future I may make it so you can change the site that is used... but I'm pretty busy and it works now so...

(Side note: Rapidshare tutorial removed, it seems they've wised up to proxy downloads, sucks for us!)

(Post time changed to future post to keep at top)

Please request features here.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Anonymouser 0.3.1 Release (Pending review)

Updated to work with 1.5 (as well as old versions)

This will be the last update for this extension.

Also if you want to remove the ad automatically then you can use greasemonkey and a script for it can be found at my other site:

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Features Requested:

If I get bored and feel like working on it (or if anybody else wants to do it):

Open from bookmarks (andybody have the popup id for this?!)
List of anonymizers to use... randomly or one after the other
Option to always open in new tab or current tab
Alt+Click or user-customizeable conbination to invoke
Change name to move generic name ("ProxFox" suggested...)
Always open links in anonymous mode.
Open current page w/ Anonymouser.

I've never done options (the whole extensions thing is fairly new to me) and have a lot of stuff for school comming up so it may be a while unless somebody else wants to help.


Request for help.

Ok guys here's the deal... This plugin doesn't work in 1.5B2, the context menu's don't show up. If anybody is willing to look at the code and make some changes to it or tell me what I need to do to make it compatable with 1.5B2 I would appreciate it.

My desktop computer is down so I don't have easy access to a machine running 1.5b2 and don't really want to intall it on my work laptop.

Please post comments here or email me at Doug0716, you can reach me via gmail (in my attempt to avoid spam... put 2 and 2 together hehe)


Anonymouser 0.2 Released

No functionality change, just some error checking and made it a little easier to tweak for those who wish to do so.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Anonymouser 0.1 Released

Open your links anonymously with from the the right click menu.

This will be good for sites like RapidShare (note: you can still only download one file at a time, but don't have to wait after it finishes before you start the next one) and any other anonymous worthy sites.

This plugin doesn't actually anonymize anything it helps you to use to anonymize your browsing.

Please feel free to leave comments (good or bad) and suggestions.

(Still waiting on approval for download link)